Consulting, Book Editing, and Developmental Editing Services for Writers

I’m a writer, ghostwriter, and professional book editor with 13 years’ experience in book publishing. Whether you already have a book contract and need some support as you finish your draft, have an agent and need a fresh pair of eyes before your project goes on submission, or are in the earliest stages of a new novel or pitch, I’m here to help. I specialize in writing books and book proposals from the ground up, and in providing writers with feedback, encouragement, and gentle-but-honest critiques of all kinds, from line-edits to big-picture, visionary guidance.

As a former literary agent and writer myself, I know writing and publishing from both ends of the spectrum. Summoning a first draft from the ether and dreaming up a saleable concept are two different skills. So are plotting and drafting, reporting and analyzing, organizing and polishing. I motivate my clients through creative blocks and tell them what sells, giving thorough notes and assessments every step of the way.