Editing, Nonfiction

Consultation: Do you have an idea for a nonfiction book, but aren’t sure where to start? Want to brainstorm new directions that your project can take? Let’s talk. I’ll help you bounce around ideas and give you business-minded advice about what to do next.

Proposal edit: Bringing on an editor in the early stages of a new proposal can make the difference between a project that wows your agent and one that languishes in the slush. Or perhaps you and your agent have been working on the same proposal for too long, and you need a new perspective. We’ll talk about your platform, pitch, competing titles, and potential narrative throughlines that will keep your readers engaged.

Coaching: Already have a project started, but don’t know how to get it finished? Send me your nonfiction chapters or essays as you write them, or your ideas as they come together, and I’ll work with you step by step, helping you meet your deadlines and fulfill your agent or editor’s requests.

Full edit: This is a service for manuscripts that are close to the finish line. I can offer general comments, line edits, or a combination of the two.

Editing, Fiction

Query letter consultation: For writers getting ready to reach out to agents, having a query letter edited is a worthwhile investment. Send me your letter and synopsis and I’ll help you make it stand out.

Novel synopsis: Send me an outline of your novel—or the idea that you’re starting with—and I’ll help you explore directions your book can take.

Editorial letter: This is the service I provide most often. I’ll read either your entire novel or the opening pages (the amount is up to you), and write you a detailed letter (or set up a call) sharing my comments, critiques, and ideas for rewrites.

Full novel manuscript editing: This is for manuscripts that are almost done. I’ll read every page of your novel and give you detailed notes and practical advice on every scene, from line edits to visionary guidance. All edits include a multipage editorial letter, commenting on your plot, characters, writing style, and voice, with suggestions for revisions large and small.

Therapy: Got writer’s block? Feeling bad about your book? It happens to everyone. Let’s talk.


As a professional writer and ghostwriter, I start by getting to know each client—how she thinks, speaks, what she believes in, what her voice sounds like—and then work to “channel” that personality onto the page, creating a text that reads like it was written in the client’s own mind. It’s part technical, part magical! I specialize in current events, memoir, history, new age, and prescriptive/self-help.